How to play

We have a lot to learn about the Rust Cup Game.
Let's start with the most important thing, how to start playing.
Buy NFT gaming cars at Grandbazar.
Launch Debot to enter the lobby, or take a picture of the QR code
via ever surf

Choose the “car” that will take part in the race.
Each car has 4 parameters:


The maximum speed at which the vehicle can move.


The time it takes for a car to accelerate from 0 to maximum speed.


The time it takes for the car to decelerate to zero speed or to another desired value.


A factor that allows to effectively pass turns and complex sections of the route.

The total sum of all car parameters is 190-210 points. The four parameters are distributed in different proportions to ensure variety in the races.


Choose one of three driving styles:

Careful style

Reduces speed and acceleration, but increases control and braking.

Aggressive style

Increases speed and acceleration but reduces control and braking.

Normal style

Keeps the basic parameters of the car.
Make a deposit of 20 EVER. After the race, the total game fund will be distributed among the winners — the 1st and the 2nd places in the race.
Press the “play” button and wait for the system to find competitors for you. You will not be able to leave the race if you are already in the queue.
Watch your car tackle the racetrack and wait for the final.

The result of the race will be determined by the car you choose, the track and a little randomness. The total length of the route is 15-20 sections.

The track consists of different types of sections. Now these are seven sections including straight and turns of different curvature.


Get your prize or start the next race.